Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pre-Feudal Scots + Norse- Irish

The Pre-Feudal Scots are finally finished.

Cav General & Light Horse- Gripping Beast figures.

2x Psiloi- Gripping beast again (from Viking and Saxon ranges)

5x 3 Spear- Old Glory Dark Ages Scots range.

And again- I really like the poses of this figures. Nicely animated.

2x 3Warband. Have been helping out the Norse-Irish until I go the last few stands done. Most are gripping Beast but the figure holding a sword aloft is an Artisan Viking.

1x 4 Warband- Again mostly Gripping Beast but a couple of Artisan Vikings for variety.

The Army Assembled- my double basing method looks much better than tradional DBX bases- it is starting to give the impresison of an army.

A close up of the Spear. Most spears were made out of paper clips (and didn't turn out too bad) the rest are from the Wargames Factory Vikings.

And again.

Work in Progress- Crusader Irish with axes which are to be the used as the 3 Warband in the Norse-Irish army. Limited poses(4 in the pack) but they are pretty good. Only the flock, clump foliage and Silfor Grasses to go and these guys are also complete. Sizewise they compare with Old Glory Scots beside them.

Crusader Irish with Spears- being used as the last Psiloi stand. Again nice figures which fit in well with the Gripping beast and Old Glory ranges.

2x 3 Warband + psiloi. The figure holding the head is from the Irish command pack.

A comparision between Old Glory and Crusader- hmm, maybe I need to start painting the eyes too

And from the side.

Next Army is the Welsh- they will be mainly spear armed but will use for both the earlier warband Welsh and later spear armed ones. I think I will painted up about 5 stands of Spears and then should be able to morph them out of either the Scots or Irish armies as required.


  1. Those are some great looking armies! Nicely done! This might just be the motivation I need to get back to work on my own Scots and Irish!

  2. Thanks Tim

    I'm really enjoying this foray into 28mm- the figures are much more dynamic and interesting than the 15mm ranges I've previously used- but think its the big bases that makes them.

    I love your current Scots project BTW- excellent stuff


  3. Top paint job and I really like the basing:-)

  4. Those boys are really looking very nice Craig i think 28mm is working out very well for you

  5. Hey Craig,

    What colors did you use for painting those bases? They look super.

    Mark Wall