Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DBA- Games at last

I managed 3 games of DBA at the club tonight- 3 wins!

All games were played Norse-Irish vs Pre-Feudal Scots.

Game 1: Pre-Feudal Scots (me) vs Norse-Irish (Stephen) 4-3
Game 2: Norse-Irish (me) vs Pre-Feudal Scots (Stephen) 4-2
Game 3: Norse-Irish (me) vs Pre-Feudal Scots (Lewis) 4-1

It was also the start of our DBA ladder with 9-10 players registered. I have started ranked 6th. Onwards and upwards I say. Game 3 I beat the top ranked player (Young Lewis) who's dice usually hate me and run hot, but not tonight!

Game1 :

Irish on the left, Scots on the right. For some reason Stephen deployed his general in the middle of the woods and spent most of the game rolling 1s for pip dice!

Scottish spear advance towards the woods and then spent the rest of the game glaring at the Auxilia in the woods- the Scottish warband and Psiloi tangled with the Norse-Irish blades and psiloi at the top of the picture.

The carnage in the marshes- got to the point where the next element lost lost the game. Somehow I managed to lose all 3 warband vs the blades!

The confused fighting continues.

And yes, that is the Scottish general retreating (fleeing!)

A few turns later there wasn't much left!

Game 3: Vs Lewis

The lines advance.

The most amusing first contact I've seen in a long time. There were four combats and all resulted in a dead element! It all started when a Norse-Irish blade got taken out by a warband (6-8- I rolled 1, he rolled 5) and then 3 Spears which had charged into the woods vs the auxilia all got doubled and destroyed (down to 2s, then 1s), from there it was a matter of mopping up the survivors!

Well, okay it wasn't that easy. The warband kept driving my auxilia back and the surrounded warband in the centre stayed in combat- but luckily fell the next turn.

I really, really liked the way the Norse-Irish play. Before hand I had written them off as an amusing force but not one that was likely to be competitive, but was proved wrong. Definitely an army that needs terrain to help out but fun to play!


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