Saturday, February 6, 2010

Old Glory vs Gripping Beast

I must admit I am very partial to the Gripping Beast range for figures but thought I'd get a few Old Glory to compare them with. Here is a comparisons between Old Glory Dark Ages Scots and Gripping Beast Dark Ages Irish.

So here are the first of the Scots. I really like the wild and animated nature of these figures. I made the spears out of large paper clips but aren't completely happy with them (I've finally run out of Gripping Beast Spears but think I'll probably end up ordering more at some point). The figures have the right look for Wild, untamed Scots (IMO) and so will also probably see duty as Scots Isles as well.

As you can see the Gripping Beast Irish (grey shields) are slightly taller figures and are definitely chunkier than the Old Glory Scots.

This photo probably shows the height difference best. There is a noticeable difference but the two aren't glaringly incompatiable and mixed on the same stands would probably look okay too.

A close up of the Scots- very nice figures. Has definitely convinced me to buy more Old Glory.

Now I need to finish 4 more stands of Scottish Spears and hopefully I'll be able to get a battle between the Pre-Feudal Scots and Norse-Irish this week (I don't believe in fielding unpainted models- having to paint before I play encourages me to get off my butt and complete my forces and they look so much better than the silver hordes which seem to be the standard at our club for other game systems- GW and Warmachine!).

Once the Scots are finished I'll probably paint up a few stands of crusader Irish to compare with the otehr two companies.

So there we have it, the armies are coming along, the Welsh will probably be next after the Scots, but I also want to do Carthaginians and Republican Romans in 28mm so maybe they will be my next project.

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