Sunday, February 7, 2010

Gaming Room

One of the benefits of moving to the country has been a 3 bay (10m x 6m) farm shed that I am slowly converting to a gaming room. I have been using our double garage but slowly working on closing in this shed and making it gameable.

At present it lacks power- and will continue to do so as we have just spent far too much money putting a new bathroom in our house. I can run power to it and set up temporary lighting if required. The roller door was installed just before Christmas. I decided to go for a roller door rather than window as if we ever sell the property the shed can easily be converted to a workshop or some such. I also need to get windows put into the north wall to improve the lighting and also the airflow.

In a couple of weekends we will be holding our Annual FoW weekend here- fighting the Firestorm Bagration Campaign with players coming from Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington to take part. It's BYO beers, and food for the BBQ but a place to crash is provided (just bring a sleeping bag). We are expecting 12-16 of us for the weekend and the first weekend, held last February as a FoW Doubles Comp was a lot of fun.

Plenty of room inside. I've a couple of tables and a table tennis table for the kids- but can easily fit 6 tables for FoW and up to 8 at a squeeze.

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  1. Good luck for the weekend....It may be a little cool I think:-)