Monday, June 10, 2024

PSC 1/72nd Cromwells

 The first of my PSC kits turned up today, three Cromwell tanks. They are pretty straight forward to put together (after checking out the youtube video guide from PSC) and are nicely detailed. I've added some camo nets made out of gauze to add a wee bit more interest to the models.

I also put together a Warlor games 2pdr for my British in Malaya forces. Like many of the metals kits they gun was a pain in the butt to put together but eventually I got it sorted. 

An finally, I added a secondChi ha tank to my Japanese forces.This one was a Warlord plastic kit which i enjoyed putting toether, my other tow models are both oler Warlord Resons- a Chi Ha an a Shinhoto which is the later war version with an upgraded gun an turret. I also took the opportunity to repint them with a new colour scheme. 


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