Sunday, June 23, 2024

20mm WW2 Germans

 Reinforcements for my 20mm German forces. I bought a platoon of the PSC German Afrika Korps infantry which I'll use for LW infantry in Italy and also for mountina troops. The ultracast sculpts are nice and have little flash.

The finished product, a platoon of LW infantry based on the DAK sculpts.

I also made up a couple of sets of PSc transports this week- the Steyr heavy car and the opel blitz. both are goo etial kits with plenty of options. I have made one of the Opels as a mautlier. 

PSC `1/72 Steyr cars. 
PSC 1/72nd Opel Blitz trucks. 

PSC Waffen SS

I also bout some stugs from Trademe, NZ's version of Ebay, which I repainted.  

I've aso made up some PSC M5 half tracks which again are lovely sculpts and were a joy to put together and paint. 

And an armourcast M10 Archilles. A pretty basic model, it has about 10 parts but I added some stowage from the various PSC kit. I used some of the British infantry from the M5 half track kit to add crew to the model

And a comparision- 28mm vs 20mm. They are so tiny!

Finally, last weekend my friend Ian came down and we spent an enjoyable day playing Rapid Fire Reloade. We fought a scenario I'd come up with for the 2nd Argyll and Stherlan Highlanders in Malaya in early 1942. We played the game twice, each time taking turns at being the Japanese and in both game sit was a narrow victory to the British. 

I'm very happy with how my Far East terrain has turned out. 



  1. Very nice, and quick work! Do you use an airbrush for your models?

  2. Thanks Prufrok- no I am old school (aka to set in my ways to figure out how to use one). A simple undercoat, basecoat, wash and highlights (though often skip a highlight in 20mm figures). If they look reasonable at gaming table range (i.e about 2ft distance) I am happy.