Wednesday, June 26, 2024

20mm WW2 British Infantry

 This Friday I am heading down to Dunedin for my second game of Battlegroup vs Richard. I have finished my Germans and had them as my backup force should I not get then Brits done in time and  have been patiently waiting for my order from AB Miniatures of 20mm British infantry to arrive. On Monday the figures turned up so I've spent the last couple of nights getting them painted up an ready for Friday's game.

The AB figures are everything that I have heard and was extremely impressed by the quality of the sculpts and details. I think I have found 2 figures with a wee bit of flash but that was easily removed. The sculpts have incredible details and are very realistic both in poses and also in the body proportions- more so than the chunky look of 28mm Warlord Games figures for example. They are not the cheapest way to buy in 20mm but in my opinion well worth their cost and I will definitely be getting more. 

In the past couple of nights I've gor the infantry painted up an ready for Friay's game. I have painted up:

  • A forward HQ (3 figs)
  • Forward observer (2 figs)
  • 1x MMG team
  • 1x 3" mortar team 
  • Platoon HQ: command stand, 2" mortar team, PIAT team
  • 3x rifle sections each of 10 figs including an NCO with an SMG and a Bren gun
  • 3x carrier patrol teams (Bren, PIAT and 2" Mortar)

 The force for my first game- a platoon of infantry supported by a carrier patrol, 3x Cromwell's, 1x M10 Archilles, 1x 6pdr, an MMG, a 3" Mortar team, and an observer team for some off board artillery. 

The Rifle platoon

Infantry support- carrier patrol, MMG, 3" Mortar, forward HQ an observer . 

Tank support- 3x Cromwells an an M10

The supports 
The infantry platoon


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