Monday, September 14, 2015

The Great War Exhibition

While in Wellington I took the opportunity to visit the Great War Exhibition of Peter Jackson's. I'd heard good things abut it from work colleagues who had visited it and I was keen to see the diorama that myself and the other local gamers played a small part in painting the figures.

What can I say, I was not disappointed, it is a fantastic exhibition and if in Wellington, or NZ, it really is a must see.

On a building on the motorway outside the war memorial are pictures of New Zealanders that fought in the war.

The Wellington War Memorial

One of the dioramas is of a tank crossing a German trench.

A bit dark but a cut away view of the interior of the tank.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the colourisation of WW photos. Most photos from WWI are in black and white so tend to distance us from them, the coloursied photos n the other hand somehow make a connection to the present that black and white often don't manage. It somehow brings the war closer to us.

For me the highlight of the entire museum is of course the Chunik Bair diorama. It is truly immense and I took some satisfaction knowing that the figures I painted were on it...somewhere!

When looking at the photos remember that you are looking at 54mm figures!



  1. Superb photos and report! If only I still lived in NZ.

  2. Thanks for sharing your photos. That diorama is quite unbelievable. Cannot imagine what it must be like to experience in person.

  3. How very interesting. Thanks for sharing these great images. cheers