Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dux Bellorum- Chalons

I've decided to set myself a little goal, to refight the battle of Chalons using Dux Bellorum.

I've sorted out the figures I've rebased and am almost there. Each command will be approximately 20 pts and during the battle each will get 4 LPs per turn.

  The Romans    
Left Flank - Romans, Franks and German allies (Aetius): 
  Pts Each  Total
1 x Foot Companions 5 5
1 x Noble Shield Wall 5 5
2x  Ordinary shield Wall 3 6
1x  Bow 3 3
1x  Skirmishers 1 1
6 20
Center - Alans (King Sangiban): 
1x  Mounted Companions 5 5
1x  Noble Riders 5 5
4x  Mounted Skirmishers 2 8
Right Flank - Visigoths (King Theodoric and his son Thorismund)
1x  Mounted Companions 5 5
1 x Noble Riders 5 5
4x  Ordinary Warriors 3 12
2x  Skirmishers (bow) 1 2
8     22
  Attila and allies    
Left Flank - Ostrogoths (Valamir, Theodemir and Videmir): 
1 x Mounted Companions 5 5
1 x Noble Riders 5 5
3 x Ordinary Warriors 3 9
1 x Skirmishers 1 1

Center: Huns (Attila): 
1x  Mounted Companions 5 5
1 x Noble Riders 5 5
5 x Mounted Skirmisher (bows) 2 10

 Total: 20
Right Flank - Gepids and German Allies (King Adaric of the Gepids): 
1 x Mounted Companions 5 5
1 x Noble Riders 5 5

3x Ordinary Warriors  3 9
1x  Skirmishers 1 1
I can field most of the forces but am short a command of Alans! Yesterday my small order of Aventine Steppe Cav (Huns) turned up so decided to turn some of the huns into Alans. The Alans were of fair skin and blonde hair apparently so not you typical hun! Although all "steppe" peoples would have similar dress I decided I wanted by Alans to look a bit more Germanic, so did a couple of head swaps using Westwind heads.

I'm not happy with the Westwind head or the shields so will replace the shields (at least) with Gripping beast ones. I suck and painting shields so Little Big Man Studio has been a life saver for many a project.

The Aventines mini's are really, really nice. The photos and my painting don't really do them justice. Each pack comes with plenty of extras too:  quivers of javelins,  quivers with bows, sheaths for swords, bags etc to further individualise them- and which will be handy for future projects,

The Footsore Miniatures Goth Heavy Cavalry unit I've also completed are beside them. These two ranges mix really well.

The Alans look better from the other side. 

 I also completed another unit of Gothic cavalry- Footsore Heavy Cavalry with barded horses. I need two more units of cavalry for "Operation Chalon" (and to complete the cavalry required for an Impetus Visigoth force)

The Aventine Steppe cavalry unit gave me half of the requirements of the Alan light cavalry contingent. I was going to/ am/ will get more Aventines but in the meantime looked round for some alternatives in the interim and soon came upon my GW Rohan force. I've read of other people using them for Visigoth/Germanic cavalry and as they are Saxon inspired thought, why not! So a rebase and a change of shields and there we have it, two more units of cavalry for the Alans!

To finish off the forces required for Chalon I now only need 2 more units of Footsore Goth Cavalry, and to complete my unit of Aventine medium Steppe Cavalry.

School holidays are just beginning so am away for a couple of days then up to Nelson to play football at the South Island Masters games for few more so won't be doing anything else for a week or so.



  1. About time you had a rest too. Enjoy the break .

  2. More lovely painting, well done. Look forward to the Chalons report.
    Enjoy your hold.

  3. Your figures looks very nice. Enjoy your break.