Friday, September 25, 2015

A busy couple of weeks

I've just finished another 3 bases of cavalry: My Welsh Mounted Companions, Late Roman/Arthurian British Companions and another stand of Goths (which will be press-ganged into service as Welsh).

Footsore Miniatures Goths

Welsh command. Again old Gripping Beast. I only had 3 mounted so added a priest/druid and and standard bearer.

Welsh Mounted Skirmishers

Late Roman/ Arthurian Command-Westwind Miniatures. Not my favourite models but they'll do.

Gothic Cavalry Assembled

This is what I've achieved in the past couple of weeks:

13 Stands of Cav (Huns, Goths, Late Romans, Welsh)
14 Stands of infantry (Welsh, Saxons/Goths, Late Romans)
1x Bow
5x Skirmishers

All in all not  bad effort really


  1. I was thinking of getting some of the Westwind cav for my saga welsh - you say you are not keen - just wondering why before I shell out?

    1. I think I have been won over by the Footsore range- some of the Westwind Arthurian Cav seem a bit "stilted" in comparison. They aren't bad and the head system makes the very versatile but I think I now prefer the Footsore.

      I am tempted to get the some of the Gripping Beast Welsh Cav as my last unit required but from what I can see from their website don't seem that inspiring.

  2. Those are stunning....fantastic 'mass charge' effect!

    1. Thanks Boggler. I've decided to try them out on a refight of Chalons- but need a few more units first.


  3. Great work on these bases Craig! The group shot does look rather impressive.