Sunday, February 3, 2013

Arrgghhhh.... Too many projects.....

 My schizophrenic approach to gaming continues. At present my “projects” include:

1 Dux Bellorum
Getting my Post- Roman British done “Sub-Roman” are often used to describe these successors to the Romans in Briton but the word "sub" too many negative connotations, such as sub-human, substandard (so we are not Sub-Romans we are "Post" and therefore far superior ones) so for me it will be Post Roman Britons. I’ve two stands worth of infantry completed and one of cavalry using Westwind figures which are very nice. 

 Two down one to go. The infantry are ready for some LBM studio transfers before I finish the basing.

As you can see the first cavalry unit only needs its basing finished.  

 I need to finish one more stand of infantry (need to being based on that’s all I have), and two more of cavalry and I might even add a unit of monks to the army for some morale support. I think I’ve a few of the Perry 1st Crusades monks lying round and they might do the job.

2 Celts (and Numidians)
As well as that my Wargames Foundry Celts and Numidians arrived today- the Celts will it in nicely with the Warlord Games plastics. Most of them will be given A&A or Warlord Games shields to tie them in with the rest of the army. I’ll be putting 3 Foundry and 3 plastics per base to give the bases a lot more variety than they currently have.

The only disappointing thing with the “Foundry” Celts are the fact that the regiment of 24 had 5 AWOL figures!  On a more positive note though they came with a lot of 100mm spears- approx. 80 (for both the Celts and Numidians) which is great, except that I finally ran out of spears the other day so ordered 3x boxes (120) for the UK- arrgh! Might be time to put some of Trademe. So from famine to feast! The Numidians also need to be painted up for my Numidian and Carthaginian forces but they are now on hold.
 Foundry Celts ready for undercoating. I glue half them to the base to undercoat them. They have A&A shields as I have plenty and the LBM sheid designs for this range are outstanding.

Technically on hold but I should give this era more attention. Once the bug bites again I need to make some skirmisher units up and add some generals and finish my bloody artillery. Stephen bought round the some of the new Perry plastic Confederates the other night and I must say I was not as enthused about them as I was expecting to be. The figures seem slighter and taller than the earlier box so I am no longer sure I’ll get any, I might just make do with adding a some more metals to the current figures I own—along with Steve Barber heads.

4  Terrain
Tonight I also paid a wee bit of attention to terrain after being reminded by one of the posters on my blog- he’s right of course I have been neglecting terrain. In fact I have always had a bit of an aversion to making 28mm terrain and have so many army projects the terrain gets put on the back burner. To start to rectify this tonight I made a few fences out of BBQ skewers. At least it’s a start. Next game I’ll also make sure we use more fields etc on the table to make the game look better.

The stone walls will get a quick dry brush tonight.  

5 Carthaginians
Another project- now on the back burner are the Carthaginain Veterans to finish off my Carthaginian force- the figures arrived from Gripping Beast the other day (again lovely figures) but no longer on the “urgent” to do list, having been replaced by the Dux Bellorum Britons.  

6. Welsh and Huns?
The other day whilst searching for my Westwind Post Roman Britons I rediscovered my Dark Ages Welsh- the last army to complete by Dark Ages army project from a couple of years ago (Gripping Beast figures)  and will make a nice Welsh Dux Bellorum army at some point. The box also contained 10 Gripping Beast Huns- which I seem to recall were going to be used with the Westwind Saxons and Britons to make Visigoth and Hunnic force for The Battle of Châlons (451 AD) and indeed I might look at resurrecting this project using Dux Bellorum.

So there we have it, too many damn projects on the go at once. And that is without making a few more bits and pieces terrain for Day of Days in 3 weekends time. AAArrrggghhhhh!!!!!



  1. I feel your pain, brother.

  2. Got to have a bit of variety Craig! Fences are looking good and I really like the look of the Post-Roman British troops!

  3. Once the shields are done they'll look really good. I really like the Westwind figures.

    Fences are no done but of course I really should make at least three times that many again... am thinking of easy ways to make the snake rail fences too.

  4. Amen. Love the Westwind figs. I'm using them too, but GB and others seem more popular for some reason.

    1. Yes, I am very happy with them and at some point will get more. They'd probably fit well with GB as well.

  5. "too many projects" I'm in the same boat as you!

    Good work so far

    1. I think it is a common wargamer ailment. Kent has set himself the task of not buying anything at all this year but simply working through his backlog- a very good idea.

  6. Typical wargamer Atention Deficit. I am at that point. Romans 28mm, German Tanks 15mm, and Norman Knights 28mm. That's just the way it is.
    cheers :)

  7. Who are you using for your Normans?

    I admire those that only buy and paint a unit at a time, but can't see myself ever being that disciplined.