Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Black Powder- ACW... at last.

After several months of painting it as time to get some plastic & lead on the table. Each side fielded 13 battalions of infantry and 2 batteries of artillery.

We just used the values in the ACW scenario in the main rule book.


My infantry advance through the woods.

Kent moves his brigade forward.

My brigades advances in open order.

The Northerners advance in the centre- nice looking units Kent.

Dave's brigades prepares to halt the Yankee advance. Can he hold the centre?

Meanwhile in the woods its handbags at a dozen paces i.e. ineffectual skirmishing- funny that.

The centre holds steady. But on our far left Stephen has failed to move and is about to be caught in column!.
Stephen defends the farm vs mounting yankee pressure.

The first of several melees in the woods- neither side managing to get the upper hand, but Simon's troops stall my advance.

Stephen's flank is no in serious trouble. Will it hold?

I still haven't broken through the woods.

But am able to offer some fire support to the centre.

The left flank about to implode.

The centre also under immensie pressure. Dave's boys manage to halt the Northerner's advance.

Steady boys, steady...

Another round of ineffectual close combat in the woods. Maybe not such a good idea after all...

Condefederate artillery supporting the centre.

Where did Stephen's brigade go? It has been driven from the field leaving Dave's brigade dangerously exposed.

The riting is ell and truely on the wall so the Confederates decide to pull back.

So we'll call it a draw right...right?
A good game. We'd forgotten most of the rules but even so got there in the end. We've decided to allow each brigade one regiment to be dedicated skirmishers and allow everyone else to use "open order" without the skirmisher bonus. We allowed everyone to skirmish this time but it seemed wrong.

A good fun game and everyone enjoyed themselves so we are running another one next week.



  1. Sounds like a good time and great looking game. Always nice to finally get the toys out for once and play. :-)

    1. It as fun and with 3 of us starting from scratch it was good to finally get to use the figures- stopped the first time used, first unit to die jinx too.

  2. Nice looking game Craig. I must admit that ACW would be my next project if I had the time and the money.


    1. My guys have been on hold for several weeks no giving Kent time to catch up (not often I can claim that!:) Black Powder makes for relaxed, fun games no matter which period its used for so is my rules of choice these days.


  3. Nice looking game! I have also been having fun using Black Powder for American Civil War games.

    1. Thanks Craig.

      We've a few things to iron ho, such as ho many skirmisher units to use etc but are getting there. I'd buy an "official" ACW supplement from Warlord Games in an instant.


  4. Looks really good Craig! All the troops look fantastic!

  5. We are getting there Rodger.

    Should be a bigger game next week, Kent has 4 or 5 more regiments to finish basing.

    We are sussing out how to use skirmishers- we allowed everyone to skirmish the other night & gave all units the to hit bonus when skirmishing but will probably add a small dedicated skirmisher unit to each brigade instead- which means painting up a few more stands...

  6. Both armies look fantastic! Maybe you should think about building some more terrain. Beautiful painted models like yours deserve a beautiful gaming board. ;-)


  7. Good point Thomas, I've plenty of non- ACW terrain but as a bit unsure of how much clutter to add for Black Powder.

    We've some of the Perry ACW houses ordered and I have my eyes on the new Renedra church as well but really do need to get/make some suitable fences and fields for ACW sorted.

    I've too many painting projects on the go at present as well so terrain keeps falling further down the list of things to get done.