Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dux Bellorum Arthurians

My first 32 point Arthurian British are completed and ready for action.

Mainly Westwind but some Warlord Game Celts & dogs, and a half a dozen GB plastic Saxons as well.

Mounted Companions
Noble Cavalry  (vets)
3x Ordinary Shieldwall
2\x Saxon warrior Allies
1x skirmishers (Javelins)
1x wardogs

The Saxons are now officially underway



  1. Thanks Scotty- looking forward to get them on table now

  2. They look great, what base size have you gone for?


  3. Hi Yorkie

    We use 8cm widths for all our ancients gaming- we vary the depth though:

    skirmishers 4cm- 2-3 figs
    close order/heavy foot- 5cm & 6 figs
    light foot- 6cm and 6 figs
    Cavalry- 7cm and 2-4 figs

    With games like Impetvs it means we can get more units on a smaller table


    1. That sounds good. Im looking at doing some stuff for Dux bellorum with 28mm, still not sure whether i should just go for full Impetus basing or as you have done, it would be kinder on the wallet....hmmmm


    2. It simply means you build more armies Steve. The smaller bases have advantages- can get a smaller table or build more units, and terrain such as hedges are less of an obstacle but the full Impetus bases do look good.

      Another option is 8cm + 4cm and you have plenty of flexibility for both systems. (2x 4cm together an be used as a unit or an 8+4 together for an Impetus unit)

      We are having an Impetvs comp in a few months with full bases so I'll make some 4cm ones to go with my normal bases


  4. They look great Craig you;'ve been churning out figures like mad lately