Sunday, July 22, 2012

WIP- Hussars of the Guard

Front Rank Russian Hussars- the first stand painted up tonight.These will represent the Hussars of the Guard which were part of the First Army's 1st Cavalry Reserve Corps at Borodino.

According to the book I've got the pants should have had yellow stripes, not buttons but I'm not that anal about figures and most people I play would probably not know/spot the difference :)

My basing is pretty straight forward, I simply cover the base in PVA and then cover it in sand. Once dry it is undercoated black, a heavy dry brush of dark brown and highlighted a light dry brush of a tan shade before the static grass and silflor flowers are added. One of the advantages of painting in winter is half an hour or 40 minutes in front of the log burner and the pva glue has set and the bases are ready for the black undercoat so the process is pretty quick.  

I'm pretty pleased with the ay these turned out and can't wait to have the ful un it ready for the table but alas this stand will probably be all I have time for this week as we shift back  into the city this Friday. So thenext few nights I'll be busy packing, although I have allowed for some time out on Wednesday night to give Kent a game of Black Powder- and hopefully a report will follow.