Thursday, July 5, 2012

Basing Continues

Tonight I rebased another 4 battalions of Russian infantry as well as completing the bases of the Uhlans. It's been a bit of a major pain getting the figures off the old bases but it was well worth it. I am very happy with the massed look this basing gives. I'v one battalion left to do and have to finish another 12 figures to complete the eighth battalion.

Some touching up still to be done but we are almost there.
 More Uhlans are required.



  1. They look really good Craig :)

    i wont mention mine are 8 to a base lol, they ended up like that as when I brought the Russians they were in 32 man battalions and 25mm and I decided yeah they look good, so a little smaller than the french 28mm I have who are in 6's


  2. 8s!!!!!! Are you mad?

    6 barely fitted! 8s would be a good way to represent the big battalions of the Russians though.

    My Austrians will be 8s. I'm going for 8 figures on 7.5cm wide bases so still only 4 bases- less bases to move is good!

    My Cav will be in 3s so a standard unit will have 12 figures as I prefer the look- to hell with the extra expense!