Monday, July 23, 2012

Pegasus Hobbies 1:72nd scale Log houses

 One thing we still need for Borodino is some buildings for the villages. Pegasus Hobbies do a range of 1:72nd scale Russian log houses so I ordered a couple of sets of each. They were about 8 pounds each from Wayland Games

They took about 10 minutes to assemble. The simple log house set comes with 2 houses so you can't really complain about that. Undercoated black and drybrushed in various brown shades they should be great for the game- sightly underscale but with the size of a battalion footprint I prefer them to be smaller and indeed 15mm buildings to represent buildings also works.

An hour later and they look like this. A quick undercoat and then heavy drybrush of dark brown and then a couple of lighter shades and we are good to go.



  1. They look really good )

    Might have to look at some myself


  2. Beautiful work Craig. Totally agree about the scale too. These will be perfect.

  3. those look really nice are you going to bring them tomorrow