Sunday, February 12, 2012

Smoke Markers

Something I've been meaning to make for quite a while are smoke markers for destroyed vehicles using woodlands scenics clump foliage. Plenty of sites round showing examples of how to make them and mine are no different. I simply superglued a screw upside down on a plastic counter and added the foliage. Then I dabbed watered down PVA to the foliage to give it a bit more strength. Then I spray painted it black and finally dabbed on some of the kids water colour paints for the red and yellow flames. Simple yet effective. It probably took an hour and a half or so to make 12 of them.



  1. So and so effective!! I need to make some too. Thanks for the inspiration Craig.

    1. Make that "So easy and so effective".... I must proof read!

  2. Very nice. You used a similar method to myself and once you've done a few it's surprising how easy they are to make. I made about two dozen in a couple of evenings. Mind you I also stuck myself to pretty much every surface in and around my work bench...but that's another story!