Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day of Days- forces involved (Edited)

Still awaiting the last couple of forces but some interesting choices in force selection so far. Jamie will be happy to see a number of mech and armoured forces present- probably the highest percentage for these in a long, long time.

So far the German forces include:
3x armoured panzergrenadiers
1x armoured aufklarung
1x panzersphah
3x panzer companies- all built round panzer  III core.
2x  FJ
1x Grenadiers

Allies I'm still waiting for a couple but so far have:

Americans (CT)
1x Armour- Shermans
3x Armoured Rifles
1x Rifles
1x Armoured Recon

British Commonwealth
1x Kiwi Shermans (CV)
1x Kiwi motor coy (CV)
Indian Rifles (FT)
Canadian armour-Shermans (CT)
Commandos (FV)
British Rifles(CV)

So lots of mechanised/mobile forces, including 3 Sherman companies and 3 panzer III companies, a tiger company, 3x US armoured rifles, 3x Armoured Panzer Grenadiers.
  • 5x German Mech forces
  • 4x American Mech forces 
  • 3x Allied Armoured companies
  • 4x German armoured companies
So 2/3rds of all companies are mechanised or armoured (and 1/3 are mechanised!).  

Other interesting things to note:
5x tigers (2 companies)
23x panzer III
7x Panzer IVs (G & late G)
5x Stugs
3x hummels
17x US Shermans
6x US priests (1 battery)

17x Canadian & Kiwi Shermans (34 Shermans all up!)
12x 25 pdrs (8/4)
8x priests

Should be a fun weekend



  1. Sounds awesome. Look forward to the battle reports.

  2. It is indeed pleasing to see, and it's been good to see the number of people giving MW a go at the Cavs too.

    Good luck for next weekend.

  3. Not far away now!

    I think my poor shermans might be outgunned!

  4. Yeah, MW is still my preferred period, though I do enjoy the silliness of LW once in a while. Still, MW needs boundaries to let more flavourful forces have a chance.

    Should be an interesting weekend with such fragile and odd ball forces being run.

    Your Shermans will outgun the multitude of panzer IIIs Poochie.