Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Midwar Panzerspah- Day of Days

Here is the force I intend to take to Day of Days next weekend if someone pulls out.
1x HQ -250/1 35
2x 250/9 + 1x 250/1 120
2x 250/9 + 1x 250/1 120
2x 231 ACs 85
3x 233 (7.5cm) Heavy ACs 170
4x Panzerpioneer half tracks 250
2x Panzer IVG, 1x IIIL + schutzen 420
2x 250/9 patrols and the company command 250/1

 4x Armoured pioneer half tracks 

 2x Panzer IVG anda Panzer IIIL
 3x 233 heavy armoured cars
 2xGrilles- okay so they are part of Ian's force, pity the panzerspah can't field them!
 2x 231 8-rad armoured cars

 It certainly has mobility ot burn- and is high on my lsit of options for Southcomn in june.

Ive only a few transfers to add to finish them off on Thursday night.



  1. Nice looking force. No infantry?

  2. I'v a pioneer platoon in the half tracks- but have not done anything to them so they weren't in the photo shoot


  3. A nice looking force. I imagine they would do rather well against infantry, but how would they fair against a tank company?

  4. Panzerspah is always great fun to play with. That's a great collection of painted vehicles.

  5. @ Scott: we will find out. My Hungarian armour (38Ts and 2x panzer IVs) did well vs infantry but stuggled vs "heavy" tanks (Shermans) and this would be the same.

    For the weekend we have 2400 pts per side (2x 1200 pt companies) and quite big tables (5x6ft) so hopefully their mobility will work to their advantage. At 1500 pts it needs tweaking to get rockets and better AT involved.