Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Russian Jagers

I've almost finished my Jager Brigade. I've two stands left to paint. They will be getting their first game tonight vs Kent.

The nearest stand is a grenadier stand press-ganged into service for tonight's game (hence the red facings) as I haven't started the last two stands of the Carabinier companies (Grenadier equivalents with plumes on Shakos).

Last night I also rebased all my Russian artillery. Each battery is now on two bases, one with 3 guns, the other with 2. Ranked up they look impressive!


  1. Cor! Got enough guns there? :)

    They look very impressive, drawn up wheel to wheel.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. Very impressive amount of guns!! Nice work Craig. Happy New Year.

  3. Same Roger.

    Lol, I've another battery to do- at present my horse artillery is being used as one of my main batteries- and i need to do another 5 gun postional battery! Deployment, even on 8x6 table is an issue


  4. Wow!! They do look cool all lined up on a ridge. Glad I'm not trying to attack them!