Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Impetus: Armenians vs Later Crusaders (300pts)

Kent and I finally got in another game of Impetus, his new 2nd Crusades force vs my Armenians, 300 pts per side.

I took 2 commands:
2x Knights
2x heavy foot
2x crossbows(T)

2x Knights
2x heavy foot
2x light foot
2x  bows (T)

Kent had a single command:
3x Feudal knights (VBU 7)
3x  Feudal knights (VBU 6)
3-4 dismounted knights
2x crossbows

We were joined by Leeanne, a visiting Canadian who had never played but took command of one of the two Armenian commands. I also got some LBM studio banners recently so added some to finish off the command stands- what can I say, they are lovely.

 The Armenians deploy.

 Kent lines up, has he heard of reserves?
 Kent get the first turn and advances his infantry, we do the same with ours.

 Turn 2: All the knights continue to be held on opportunity. Steady...steady....
 Perhaps this will be an infantry clash.
 On the far right my javelin armed light infantry advance into the open- never a good move!
 We both send forward our knights to bolster the line.
 Kent gets the all importnat first charge in.
 Meanwhile on the left flank, Leeanne decides to charge as well.
 Leeanne's knights destroy two of Kent's lesser knights (VBU 6) creating a big problem on his right flank- my right is also looking decidely shakey.

 Kent's only remaining knights on the right try to save the day- several skirmishes take place- impetuous troops never know when they are beat!
 Leeanne's general rides down some pesky crossbowmen.
 Yes, all those counters mean disordered units- things are looking grim in the centre of the table.

 Those knights on the right continue to battle back and forth.
 Leeanne's general (top left) having ridden down the crossbows turns to face the main battle.

And that is about it- we broke Kent's force in the centre and won the game.

We had some good luck go our way, even though Kent won most initiative rolls- in the end we rolled better when it came to rallying troops and avoiding permaenenty losses.

A close game, I lost all my light infantry, a bow unit and, on the last turn, my general- whoo died even as he slew Kent's general.

Impetus is still my favourite wargame, the ebb and flow of the games is outstanding and both players get to act throughout both turns so it really is engaging at all times.

Now for something a bit different. Kent has been going made painting stuff- take a look at this!



  1. Really cool armies and report, Craig.

    Makes me keen for a game of Impetvs again.


  2. It's my favourite ruleset- much more interactive than other games I play.

    Next week though, souds like we are playing cowboy's with the Rules with no Name- with Kent's Western Town being a feature.


  3. Hi Craig,

    Just wondering on what base sizes and figure count your using for each of them. I am starting to use Impetus but I find the official base sizes for 28mm too awkward and restricting.

    Great looking stuff as always.