Friday, September 3, 2010


A quiet week- absolutely no painting done! I did manage to find the rest of my Rohan cavalry and get them out to rebase but ran out of motivation so put them back in the box. However, I am toying with the idea of doing a Double DBA War of the Ring game focusing on the Fords of Isen in the next couple of weeks- in which case I'd better get some more infantry done!

I have ordered some Linka moulds and Hirst Arts moulds. I've been meaning anto do this for over a year but finally decided to go ahead and get some. The linka moulds will be used to make lots of ruined buildings for FoW, whilst the Hirst Arts moulds (Roman columns, flagstones, and basic building blocks) will be used for the 28mm gaming. Hopefully they will turn up from the US in the next week or so so i can start experimenting.

I have continued to mess round with ideas for my late war Motostrelkovy. I am not sure whether to go with FE II or H&S. My gut instinct is to go with FE II as I'm not convinced that the Always Attack rule for the motostrelkovy in Hammer & Sickle as being an advantage. I enjoy attacking and prefer to attack wenver possible but a number of infantry players are hopeless when forces to attack so the FE version could be effective for that reason alone.

I am also considering the Forward Detachment as another option.


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