Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Hirst Arts

My latest 5 molds arrived today
  • 70 -fieldstone walls
  • 75- ruined Fieldstone walls
  • 55- Bell Tower
  • 60- prison tower
  • 42- Gothic architecture

I've been messing around with ideas for a modular sewer. I built 3 or 4 different prototypes ( some with walls some without) and settled on a single row of blocks to show where the walls are and create a little depth for the sewer itself.

I'm not happy with the water, I used s silicon roof sealant I had lying round as I had no resin or other substance- it looks okay but as this is a test batch will look into getting some resin in future.

The idea is that these pieces will be sued when fighting in sewers beneath the cities in D&D games- being a narrow walkway they will create lots of tactical challenges.

I am currently working on a central drainage hub where 4 passages meet.

The standard dungeon tiles have worked out great in the past couple of weeks. I've now put some felt on the bottom of each to stop them scratching each other when being transported. i've also stopped using MDF and am now using cork for the newer tiles.

As you can see by the first one I made a mistake while hurriedly putting them out to take a photo- several are the wrong way round!

They are fast and easy to make once you've settled on the design. I use a cork flooring tile (4.8cm thick) and each length is 6 tiles (15 cm- 6") x 3 tiles wide (the river is 5 cm- 2" in width). So far I've made 9 tiles, which should be plenty for a start.


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