Friday, September 17, 2010

Update, Hirst Arts terrain

Not much to report this week. I've finished off the basic house and another ruin for 28mm LoTR/DBA/HoTT gaming.

I took what I'd made down to the club on Wednesday tonight and have orders for a couple of hundred flagstones so I'm busy putting those together- along with 12x pillars. So I now have to cast 20x the flagstone mould to get all I need. I'm about half way there so far.

My experiments with Linka are on hold, the moulds are more fragile than the Hirst Arts ones so I've decided to experiment with them in future using a resin instead of plaster- but have no resin at this stage so that is on the back burner.

Dungeon Floorplans
The dungeon floorplan was a great success at D&D the other night. We had an epic battle with 5x PCs vs 20 skeletons, 15 zombies, a cleric and a wizard. The floorplans were really easy to put together, quicker than drawing it on on the battleboard we use, and then it was straight into the action. They will definitely become a part of our gaming equipment.

I've decided that they need walls to go with them so have ordered another 5x Hirst Arts moulds- 2x fieldstones (walls and ruins, prison tower, the bell tower and dungeon accessories).

I am also trying to track down some Ultracal or similar plaster in Christchruch but so far not much luck.

The roof for the building worked out well- it looks a bit bright in the photos than it actually is. I'm especially happy with the towel, it makes for great thatch/straw.

The next version will be slightly longer and I'll add a lean too woodshed off it. Still, noyt a bad first effort.

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  1. Hi, I have the Linka molds also and I've found that using the Excalibur casting stone is the best to use. I also recommend getting a dental vibration table off Ebay to remove air bubbles when you pour. Excalibur cost me $100 for a 50LB box of the material. It costs me the same for the 1 gallon resin mix. If you allow Excalibur to cure completely before removing it from the linka mold, you will have good results with minimal breakage. Also it is quite strong. I followed the Linka tutorials on the website and after a few practices, I was getting good results. Anyways, this is my opinion and I hope it helps you :)

    Carlos Tapia
    Sentinel Miniature Painting