Friday, April 19, 2024

28mm Japanese infantry regiment for Rapid Fire!

 I have continued chipping away at my 28mm Japanese infantry trhat wi be used mainly for Rapid fire! I have enough now to field a Japanese infantry regiment but still require a few more bits and pieces, such as a few more medium machine guns to round out the "battalions." I have a few more MMGs on order form the Assualt Group and each battalion will field 2 when finoished.

1st Battalion

Mainly Warlord Games jungle fighters but a few other ranges thrown in. 


4x Coys (8 fus each)

2x knee mortars

1x 70mm infantry gun

1x MMG (it will eventually be two MMGs)

2nd Battalion (as above  but mainly Warlodrd Games plastics)

3rd Battalion- this one is still work in progress and needs an infantry gun and 2x MMGs to finish it off. 
Regimental HQ
I will be adding 2x 75mm mountain guns and a 47mm AT gun to this unit. 

The infantry regiment assembled. 


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