Wednesday, March 20, 2019

WIP- Anglo Saxons and Vikings

Over the past few days I've been slowly chipping away at updating my Viking and Anglo-Saxon forces. prying them off their bases and starting to rebase to my new standard. I've most based and permafilla added to the bases. Next step is the black undercoat to the bases (a fiddly job) and then painting & flocking them.

The figures are a mix of metals and plastics- but most are Gripping Beast. I've had my metal figures from GB for nearly 20 years and there are also plenty of the GB plastics Saxons and Vikings. I'm really looking forward to the new Victrix plastic Viking and Saxon ranges coming out and wll definitely be addig some as they look very, very good.

the Saxons are a bit light on the ground. I've quite a few metal GB Ceorls but am waiting for more plastic Fireforge spears to turn up to replace the old (and mainly bent) metal spears they are equipped with. I've also 2 units (20) GB plastic Thegns to paint up to bulk out the force a bit more. I will probably also add some of the plastic dark ages infantry to bulk out the Ceorls.

The army has one unit of elite Huscarls armed with Danish axes.

The Vikings. 
I can field 8 units (2 divisions) in Hail Caesar and have plenty for Dux Bellorum or Dragon Rampant forces- not sure which rules I'll end up using yet.

So next job, getting stuck in finishing the bases.



  1. Hiya Craig, I've started a small hobby business in Dunedin making terrain for tabletop wargames. I see you feature quite a bit of WW2 stuff on your blog, would you potentially be interested in featuring my terrain?


    Thanks for your time!

  2. Hi Craig,

    As a suggestion when using Permafill for basing instead of hand painting black over flaky white (hard in itself) something I used to do was add brown water based paint, ie Fas Poster Paint directly into the permafill container, stir it in, then bam presto you have ready made brown base done ready for painting/highlighting flocking. Take care cheers Rex H

  3. They look fierce and splendid, great job!

  4. Cheers guys. @ Taximman, I really should do that! My friend kent used to us black oilbased paint and a few spots would soak though but was too messy (using oils) for my tastes but may try your tip- cheers for that.

  5. Looking great - I too am looking forward to Victrix Vikings

  6. Cheers Eric- they seem to be on a lot of people's radars and can't wait till they are released. Victrix really are setting the standard in plastics these days.