Saturday, March 16, 2019

Not here!

Like the rest of New Zealand, and indeed like many people around the world,, I am appalled and shocked by the senseless act of violence perpetrated in Christchurch, the town I grew up in and for most of my life called home, yesterday. I spent the afternoon, as did most people, glued to the TV and online media trying to piece together what was happening and feeling absolutely shocked as the tragedy unfolded. Many of my friends and family spent most of the afternoon in lock down across the city as the police and emergency services tried to cope with this unprecedented event and it was several hours before they were reunited.

Shit like this doesn’t happen in my home town or in my country for that matter. The people targeted were part of our small Muslim community. Many were recent migrants and refugees, people who travelled here for a better life in what was until now a reasonably safe and welcoming corner of the world. I just want all those affected by this needless tragedy to know that the scumbag guilty for these crimes does not represent New Zealand and that an act like this will not make them any less welcome here. The cowardly fuck who did this will not win!

What also pisses me of about these senseless acts of violence is that Christchurch a city slowly rebuilding after the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 will now forever linked by the rest of the world with an act of senseless, indescribable horror. THIS IS NOT OUR CITY! Alas, Christchurch will forever be connected to the other places that have undergone terror attacks by extremists- Kuta in Bali, Mumbai, London, Manchester, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Oslo, Sydney, Melbourne, Pittsburgh, Charlottesville… the list goes on and on. Life will never ever be quite the same down here. Part of New Zealand we love and hold dear died yesterday.

We welcome migrants and refugees of all faiths and religions to our shores. An attack on one minority is an attack on all of us that choose to call New Zealand home and all kiwis stand beside our Muslim, migrant and refugee communities to denounce these crimes and any who think that this sort of act against defenceless men, women and children in a place of worship, or anywhere for that matter, is okay.

To the next ignorant white supremist fascist fuck wants to do this kind of act of mindless violence rather than turning a gun on a lot of peaceful innocent people, do us all a favour and simply shoot yourself. We’ll all be better off.

To everyone who stood up and did what was needed under extremely trying circumstances yesterday-police, the Armed Offenders Squad, ambulance officers, doctors, nurses, teachers, passersby who became caught up in events, and all those that did countless acts of heroism to rescue people, get them to safety and saved lives- we cannot thank you enough.

To our Muslim community and all those affected this horrific, senseless crime, all New Zealand is with you. Kia Kaha (stay strong),


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