Sunday, February 10, 2019

LoTR- Gondor

I've had some Crusader Miniature Normans lying around for a few years now. Originally they were purchased for my Crusader armies but didn't fit sizewise with the Perry's I used for the rest of the force so have been ignored for some time and been languishing in my miniatures drawers. However, I've decided that they'd be perfect as the basis for a Gondor force for Middle Earth Rampant and so have been rebasing them and tidying them up. I have added some Gripping Beast rimless Norman shields and also Fireforge plastic spears- which look more like tree trunks in the photos but aren't too bad in the flesh.

I think I've mentioned before how I really dislike Peter Jackson's interpretation of Gondor. Plate armour just seems wrong to me and so I can't bring myself to using the GW Gondor range of figures. I think Normans fit the bill and are probably more in keeping with the Anglo-Saxon feel of the setting as imagined by Tolkien so will be using Normans as my Gondor troops.

So far the force consists of:

  • 1x elite foot commander
  • 2x heavy foot
  • 2x heavy missiles (crossbows)

I've two more units of heavy foot to do and I need to get a couple  of units of cavalry. I am in two minds over the cavalry and tossing up between Footsore Normans, Goth or Ramono-British ranges but am leaning towards the Footsore  Noble Goths with the Gripping Beast Norman shields to tie to force together.

The good think about the Rampant series of rules is you don't need too many figures for a force- as they are these guys are 22 pts. Once I've finished the other two units of infantry and add a couple of units of allied Rohan cavalry till I get some Gondor knights the force can easily push 36-40 points which is about size of standard game will will be playing.


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