Wednesday, November 15, 2017


For quite a while I'd been meaning to add a section of Fallschrimjager to my Italian Front German force. I have finally gotten round to it and have recently purchased some of the lovely Artizan Fallschrimjager and decided to make an entire platoons worth:
2x squads each with 2 LMGs
1x assault squad (FJ assault rifles + LMG)
2x MMGs
1x Mortar +observer
1x sniper

In the past week I've painted up the first two squads and the 81mm mortar team. 

Like all Artizan minis they have great detail and are easy to paint. Like the rest of my late war forces they are painted and based up for the Italian Front Campaign with a mixture of tropical and regular uniforms and helmets. 

Can't wait to get them on the table.



  1. Thanks SRD. I think they will look good on table. I am painting some German Veteran Grenadiers and Waffen SS for a friend and really find them a pain in the arse to paint compared to Artizan Designs figures.