Saturday, November 18, 2017

BA: Late War Germans

My friend Nigel is unable to paint his figures and over a year ago now he bought some Germans for Bolt Action and asked me if I wouldn't mind painting them for him. I've been a tad remiss (understatement of the week) in getting on to these figures for him but had absolutely no interest in painting for a long, long time. I can only paint figures/periods that I am interested in doing myself so don't usually paint for other people. If I'm not inspired for a project/era then it simply won't happen.  Nigel is a bit of an exception as he is incapable of painting his own figures, but even so I needed to wait till the motivation struck me to get back into WWII painting/gaming before I could get on with them for him.

The figures are from Warlord Games, their Late War Veteran Grenadiers with assault rifles and the Waffen SS panzershrek and flamethrower teams. It is about half the order I have to paint for him, I've a Waffen SS squad and sniper to go. I must admit I didn't really like the figures that much, they are a bit of a pain to paint compared to Artizan Designs figures- I find that the chunky Artizan style has great detail which is easily picked up with a brush and so really, really easy to paint. I'm not sure why but I find Warlord Games ranges often have less pronounced details and their sculpting often a bit rougher compared to Artizan so find them a bit of a chore in comparison. That being said I really do like the poses of the LW Waffen SS squad and though I don't usually do SS units myself am tempted to pick up a squad of these guys.

LW Veterans with Assault Rifles

Waffen SS Flamethrower and Panzershrek teams


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