Thursday, November 20, 2014

Early War BA: French vs Germans

I had a game vs Tony at the club last night.

I ran almost the same force (800pt) as last time:
Reg HQ
2x reg squads (LMGs & SMG)
1x vet pioneer squad (with flamethrower)
1x pak 36
1x 81mm mortar
1x stug D
(8 dice)

Tony decided to try out the inexp French rules so had his inexp infantry supported by reg & vet supports (11 dice).
Captain (De Gaulle)
2nd lt
4x irreg squads with LMGs
1x 81mm mortar
1x light artillery (free)
1x HMG
1x Somua
1x snider AC

So we were going to be seriously out diced in this one.

We rolled up max attrition.

End of turn 1 both forces have marched onto the board. French are on the left, Germans on the right.
 The three squads of German infanry advance on our right flank.
 The French occupy the ruined house- the first of the (almost) completed Timeline buildings, just the windows to do.

 The Somua advances down the road.
 German infantry in skirmish order.
 Meanwhile the French advance.

Intermission: The guys at the club were also paying a very nice looking game of Black Powder ACW.

 Back to the action- the club lacks hills so the low rise in front of my fartherst squad on my right flanks is actually a hill.
 French occupy a hill in force. My co-commander Mark and I were by now well and truly committed to advancing and sticking it to the froggies, the advance was starting to take on a  decidedly Charge of the Light Brigade aspect as the valley we were advancing into was well and truly being enfiladed.
 The French artillery ranges in first tine vs our 81mm mortar, killing two crew. The mortar was blown to smithereens next turn.
 The ruined farmhouse- it has turned out quite good.
 Mark and I have decided to use the fields as a covered avenue of advance so all our infantry are starting to advance towards it
 "Follow me, ze von't see us coming"
 The stug has started shelling the hill but it keeps missing.
 Meanwhile the snider AC our own SDKFZ 222 have been annoying each other, moving forward to snipe then and scooting away.
 Turn 4 and the 222 is caught cold- do we run away or do we stay their and take it? Stay damn it.
 Oh, crap, wrong choice!
 The armoured car can then added its weight of fire vs the infantry in the cornfields.
 We are now poised for victory... The officers loitering at the back about to catch up to their men and bravely led the final assault.
The flamethrower knocks out the MMG team but runs out of fuel. At least we got a point! (Alas by now it is 3-1)
 And from here it all went horribly wrong. the French simply poured fire onto our squads, pinning us ineffective. In the final turn the officers bravely charged the French quad on the hill, only be be cut down in a vicious ambush by the troops occupying the brick wall by the ruined house.

Result: 5-1 to the French.

Yikes! Talk about a down trou. Advancing into a wall of death isn't a good idea, we needed to get the inexp French moving. We were not able to get enough fire onto the inexp squads to pin them into inefectiveness and that really cost us. The game also highlighted to me the need for some transport- they play on 6x5 tables at the club so a half track to get a squad or two forward is probably a good idea.

It was a fun game though but the combination of large French squads + being out artilleryed really hurt.


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