Sunday, November 9, 2014

BA- Early War Germans

A few reinforcements arrived from Northstar yesterday; some Artizan Designs German infantry in greatcoats,which will be used as my fourth infantry squad, and a squad of Late War Germans to start the late war version of the list.

Tonight I painted up the German in greatcoats. the infantry painted up really well, easy to paint and hardly any flash, unlike some of the Warlord figures. I still have to highlight the uniforms but the base coats and wash are completed. I was unhappy with the basing of the force so added a some woodlands scenics clump foliage and also some Silfor flowers and am much happier with the result.

I can now field 4x squads of 10 men if required.

The new squad- I wanted to use greatcoated figures so I could use them as veterans and differentiate them easily on the table.

Support weapons- a MMG, 81mm and pak 36 "doorknocker"
 The entire force assembled.

Kent is available for a game this week so my US paras will take on his late war fallschrimjager on Wednesday.


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