Sunday, September 21, 2014

Finishing off a few projects...

Tonight I finished off a few projects I had on the go.

I painted up my last few US paras (9 figs) for tomorrow's game- alas I forgot to take photos of them.

Also, I put the transfers on my Soviet tanks:

 The T34 is dwarfed by the JS 2. Both models are Warlord games.
 I also finished basing up the 2 sections of Warlord Games Gurkhas.  I also decided that the bases I did the other night were a bit busy so removed the larger foliage and am happy with the result.

I also added Silfour grasses to complete my Early War Germans. The figures are Black Tree Design, Warlord games EW metals range and a few Assault Group as well.

81mm mortar (Warlord Games).
 The MMG (Warlord Games)
 1st section. A combo of Warlord and Black Tree Design figs.
 The commanding officer and NCO.
 Second section. The NCO is Assault group, the rest are Warlord Games and Black Tree Design figs.



  1. The miniatures look great

    "Finishing of a project" - what is this strange concept you speak off?

  2. Great work on all of these! Love the big Russkie tank too!

  3. Thanks Dean. Not very practical in 600 pt games, but fun.

    One project I need to get started is some barbed wire entanglements and earthworks for 28mm so we can do some attacks vs fixed positions games.

  4. Well done, Craig. What a great big drop of WW II painting!

    I hope to paint up and play WW II East Front this winter. In the meantime, I'll follow your exploits and projects.