Sunday, February 16, 2014

More Trees for next weekend

A bit more work for next weekend. Some more tree lined hedgerows being made. These are more trees I picked up from China last year. They are pretty bright (the one of the far right in the first picture is how they arrived) so I've dulled them down a bit with a light spray of darkish green paint. Then I've covered them in watered down PVA and dipped them in some woodlands scenics course turf to add more bulk to the foliage. The trees themselves were pretty cheap if I remember correctly but they come up pretty good.

 Yikes! They were pretty bright.

And the finished product. 

 Something you rarely see in BF games- walls and hedges round buildings- a strange concept that.



  1. They look great Craig! Nice work Sir!

  2. Nice job. I must admit I hate seeing buildings just plonked on the green baize... I always try and create a 'scene' that makes sense with my terrain, and that means walls, hedges and fences around buildings. It always looks better.

  3. Nice trees are always a plus on the table. I only have those ubiquitous pine trees - at least they don't have snow on them. Best, Dean