Sunday, August 4, 2013

A little more progress

Yesterday I put together the first Airfix Jungle outpost. It's 1:72nd scale but a shack is a shack is a shack as far as I'm concerned and I actually prefer slightly under scale buildings as they have  smaller on table footprint.

 A few more aquarium plants also arrived on Friday to increase the amount of "jungle" foliage.

Finn is also showing a lot of interest in 28mm WWII (as I hoped he would). He has been poring over the armies available on the Warlord Games website and also the photos in the Bolt Action rulebook and decided he likes the look of the Soviets. His birthday is coming up in a few weeks so  I will look into getting him a small starter army to paint up...


  1. Greate pictures !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. The old Airfix building is looking as good as ever Craig! What paint colours did you use?

    1. Black undercoat then simply drybrushed using Vallejo colours:

      Tan Yellow
      Green Ochre
      Dark Tone wash
      Highlight with Green Ochre

      (I wanted a slightly greenish tinge to the building)

    2. Thanks mate. I am making a couple of scratch built jungle buildings for a dude up here. Just the info that I need!

  3. Great look figures and terrain. I have a few of those 1/72 scale village huts myself. I like to use them for POW camps, for POW rescue missions in Loas.