Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Southcon 2012

I like to build my competition forces round particular vehicle or troop type I want to try out- last weekend it was Valentines, Day of Days it was German 233 armoured cars (which would be very very interesting with their massive road movement in v3) for Southcon I want my "must include unit" to be lend lease Shermans. With that in mind it becomes a question of what to run them as:


All have plusses and minues. Cossacks are winning out at present (the are the only force in Eastern Front that gets Fearless Trained Shermans) but the new Razvedki rules make them another good choice. Of course a lend-lease themed tankovy of Shermans, Stuarts and razvedki in US M3A1 scout cars has a nice theme to it too.

My only problem, I have no Soviet Shermans- plenty of US & British ones though. So last night I made up a box of the PSC M4A2 Shermans. They have the extra armour on the sides and I probably should have filed that off but they should be okay. The five models took a bit over an hour to assemble and being less than half the price of BF models are good value for money- and very nicce models in their own right.

So with the Shermna chosen its what else to support them with. My an ideas are centring round 8 Stuarts or 4x SU 122 (always a handy choice) but I have quite a few lists I'm mullling over. A couple of initial ideas are as follows:

Soviet Tanks- Conscript
1x Stuart 40
9x Stuarts 285
10x Shermans 605
4x SU 122 245
9x Razvedki (FT) 230

Sporadic I153s 90


  HQ (incls Komissar) 35
4x Mounted Sappers 90
5x Mounted Cossacks 105
13x Dismounted Cossacks 250
4x 45mm (obr 42) AT Guns 120
  Conscript Support  
9x Shermans (FC) 570
8x Stuarts (FC) 240
  Sporadic I 153s 90
  TOTAL: 1500  


  1. Interesting! I think one should get "points" for bringing the most interesting/crazy mix to a tourney. And a mostly Lend Lease mix should separate you from the crowd!

    I'm going to have to try FoW one day. I suspect it would suck me in.

  2. Probbly my craziest have been:
    Rota Razvedki with H&C for everyting- which managed to come first at a comp despite all their drawbacks and cossacks from the previous Ostfront with 5 strength platoons (each platoon had to be seperate)- they were very fragile.

    Played in the right spirit (like any game) it can be alot of fun.


  3. Shermans are very cool- Any temptation to run 2 big companies of them?

    Cossacks are now pretty cool, go for it! Still think that adding Horse Artillery would be damn cool....


  4. No 8-10 is enough for me- I prefer a lght/med tank mix with other supports to givve more flexibilit/options. We saw how all Shermans went at Day of Days :)

    I need to make sure I have plenty of mobile units if cossacks as they always attack- I'm now leaning towards conscript Shermans and SU 122s- and more mounted cossacks.


  5. I don't know about you Craig but I'm finding it pretty hard to 'like' the idea of conscripts these days. I like to have a fullish unit of conscript mediums to support a trained army though.

  6. Me too- 8-10 Shermans making the most of their main gun and front armour is quite atttractive- trading the fast movement of the T34 for better AT- a good trade off. I still like conscript tankovy-you never know what you will lose one turn to the next so you have to be careful (or go for broke)but I've never been a fan of conscript infantry- too long to move everything.

    Last time I ran conscript tanks with trained cossacks or razvedki I felt the difference was too much so my last razvedki had trained support (T70s and Su 122s). Conscript Shermans and 122s allow me to squeeze in 45mm AT guns which can be combat attached so is quite attractive for getting me up to QoQ. Will try both versions.

    am busy redoing the bases on my cossacks tonight