Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MW Cossacks vs Panzers

I decided to test our a possible tourney list tonight and Finn decided to join me. He's been wanting to play FoW for some time- so I set up a No Retreat and gave him a panzer company to use (2x IIIL/Ns, 4x IIILs, 3x IVGs, 3x werfers, 3x luchs) and I attacked with the cossacks (supported by guards: armour 5x shermans, 3x SU 76, 8x stuarts).

The Russians weigh their left flank- panzer IVGs in the cornfields, 4x panzer IIIs in ambush).

 From the German perspective.
 Turn 1- the Cosscaks advance.
Shermans sneak round the woods.
 A panzer IV pops out and destroys a Suka, but then failled to quite get out of the way of return fire and brews up.
 Shermans and ambushing panzer IIIs- the Shermans managed to not hit one in 3 rounds!
 Meanwhile the infantry sneak though the woods and the moutned cossacks dismount. With the panzer IIIs out the Stuarts race down the flank.

 The cossacks push the panzers off the objective.
 The panzer IIIs then manage to destroy the entire company! Ouch
Game to Finn, he enjoyed his first game and I think we'll try to play a few more games with tanks- they are nice and fast and don't take too much sussing out to use.


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