Monday, September 26, 2011

Last night I made some stone walls.

And a couple of stonewalled fields

Ideas for vineyards.
These are some scouring pads that I converted into hedges for my NW Europe terrain but I think they could also work for vineyards. By having them free standing means that I can simply move them out of the way when needing to move infantry or gun teams.

The Cassino table taking shape.

The pen denotes half way.

There is a low hill and cornfield in the attackers deployment zone to offer some concealment/ protection for the attackers artillery (if any)

As you can see the attacker has several potential avenues of attack. They can:
1) advance up the far left road using the orchard as cover
2) advance infantry up the centre through the shellholes
3) advance to the right of the main road using the cornfield and then stone walled fields as cover.
4) advance up the far right flank, using vineyards as cover and onto the hill, potentially outflanking the town- however the hill will be very difficult going so won't be an easy option for armour.

At this stage all the buildings on on the defenders half (assuming a defender uses there brain!). I may swap the location of the shellholes/rubble and vineyard yet to offer more cover in the centre and possibly add a second area of orchards.

However, there is plenty of LoS blocking terrain that prevents the defender having wide open fields of fire- the hill being the obvious exception, but the attacker should be able to advance on the hill protected from LoS.

I'm sure it will need some fine tuning but this is the general idea.

A reverse angle shot from the defenders end of the table. I think I'll make a slightly smaller hill and move the entire village across to get some buildings on the far right (in the shot below) side of the road.

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  1. Great stuff, I like the scouring pad idea for the hedges, they look excellent, I'd never have guessed what they were??