Thursday, June 2, 2011

Southcon 2011- Hungarians

I must admit I've been suffering a bit of wargaming burn out of the past week or so and hardly painted anything. However, Southcon starts on Saturday so I've finally decided what to take and so spent a couple of nights hurriedly painting up, and touching up, stuff for the army. After much indecison I finally decided to take Hungarian Armour, a force that I have never fielded, mainly to run with Nimrods. Possibly not the most effective force on the table, and its been a while since I've run tanks so we will see how it fares. Hopefully I can manage a couple of wins with it.
The force is:
  • 2x HQ T38Gs
  • 3x T38Gs
  • 2x Panzer IV F2s anda panzer IV F1
  • 3x Toldi light tanks
  • 2x nimrods
  • 7x pioneers
  • 4x marder IIs (allies)

It lacks smoke as the final call came down to artillery or recon and, sicen I had 4 Toldi waiting to be painted, I decided to settle on recon. The force is very fragile as none of the platoons can afford to take losses, but I feel if I can run it like my armoured panzer grenadiers I might have the odd bit of success- we'll have to wait and see.

A tank to strike fear into the enemy- Panzer T38Gs.

The armoured contingent.

2x Nimrods- the whole reason to take this list! They are very, very cool looking models and even managed to kill a Sherman in my playtest game last night. Behind them are the Toldi.

7x Pioneers (Rifles)

Infantry and marders- I am expecting both to do a lot of work.

My not so secret weapon. My favourite Mid war (and late for that matter) tank hunter- the Marder II. I proably should have given them a dark grey paint to go with the rest of the amry but didn't have any more Marder IIs lying around and didn't want to repaint them just for this comp- I've several other marks in panzer grey so couldn't justify buying more.

It should be a good weekend.



  1. Best of luck for the weekend Craig.

  2. Wargaming burnout? I can understand not enough time for all the fun games... but burnout! :)

    The army looks really good. That is pretty much what John W used to run against me on a regular basis (StuGs rather than Marders) and is a flexible little list. With Nimrods!

    Good luck.