Thursday, June 9, 2011

Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IVs

The prize for Southcon was some of the new Plastic Soldier Company 15mm plastic panzer IVs. Andrew at Hobby Hub in Dunedin is importing them and at 5 to a box for just over $40 NZ they work out at less than $9 per model- or about half the price of the equivalent BF model.

Tonight I thought I'd put one together to see how they compare to the BF versions.

The Plastic Soldier Company one is the unpainted one.

The model comes with parts for the Panzer IV F1, F2/G, and with the schutzn for the late G or H! Potentially 4 different marks from one kit- now that is good value. I aren't so much of a rivet counter to tell if certain parts are the same or not on differnt marks of panzer IV and quite frankly I don't care.

The tanks come in about 10 parts and take 20 minutes or so to put together- the parts aren't too fiddly and the vehicles look good when finished. The castings are crisp, scale wise they seem to be similar (almost identical) to the BF panzer IV F2 I located to compare it with and are very nice models.

If I needed to build another panzer IV company (I don't) or need workhorse tanks for any army (they also have T34s and Shermans by my understanding) I can see these kits being a welcome addition for many wargamers. AFAIK BF have some real competition in these models and I'd happily run them on table beside BF kit- they are:
a) decent models
B) half the price

I say go for it.

As an added plus it took me back to my misspent youth and building Airfix & Esci models for my 1/72 scale armies.

My only issue- I've plenty of the various models of panzer IVs already!



  1. Great value. Unfortunatly I don't really need them either but tempting at that price. Look much the same to me.

  2. Thanks Craig,

    Tim had some of these too so I was quite interested to see how they looked made up. I am very interested to see they also do Shermans. I actually wish they had done Pz IIIs (I would prefer more MW stuff) but Zvedka might be the option there.


  3. I'm sure in time the p[panzer IIII will be avaialble- I think 251 half tracks are next so maybe we'll see more mech forces.

    I'm pretty impressed and will use them to when building new forces.

    Buying 4 boxes of T34s and you get enough for 2 companies both MW and LW so can't complain about the for value for money!


  4. thanks for the review i am now convinced i need to own at least two boxes of these. one MW and one LW. i also want the PZ III

  5. Nice Blog mate, link added

  6. My mephew was interested in these so thanks for posting the report. They look really sweet.

  7. Umm they are pound 26.00 on the internet site... isn't that more than NZ $9.00 each ?

  8. Hi Martine,

    The good news for you is that that internet price you quote is far and away beyond the 14.85pd I've seen it offered for online today, so luckily you can have it cheaper.

    In fact, its a good deal wherever you get it from - especially compared to BF, which is the real good news.