Saturday, February 12, 2011

Normans for Impetus

In the past week I've been working on my Impetus Normans. I rebased two stands of crossbows and two of Normans pears and have added another 4 stands of spears. Tonight's job is to paint up two stands of skirmishers and then the infantry component is finished. I've modified my basing system so it is a bit slower. I am awaiting some Gripping Beast spears so I can finish them.

All figures are Crusader Miniatures. I really like these and will probably get some more in future.

I've also a box of Crusader Norman knights but am waiting until my Conquest knights arrive before beginning them as I want to mix the Crusader and Conquest figures on each base to get a bit of weight on each stand. I've three boxes of Conquest knights to come which will give me at least 48 knights (although apparently there are three spares in each box as well) so will be able to make 12 stands with 4 figures per stand. however, I will probably do a few less and also make some light cavalry bases too and intend to convert a few to finish off my Welsh army.

Flames of War
My 231 armoured cars from Battlefront have finally arrived- they sent me some AEC armoured cars instead! It took a few weeks to sort out the mistake which was a bit frustrating, but I now need to finish those and a couple of panzer IIIs for my Worlds force. BF were out of panzer IIILs so I grabbed a couple more of the panzer III warriors tank and will use those as my panzers supporting my armoured panzer grenadiers.


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