Monday, October 11, 2010

US Paras

A few photos of my para. I've just rebased them and added a small third platoon.

The Guards support- they still need transfers. A couple are usually part of my 7th Armoured Div Cromwell squadron.

The artillery park- 12x 105mm howitzers- who cares if they are only trained. Time on Target, rerolls to range in, 4+ firepower. Bring it on! Alas I only intend to use 1 or 2 three gun batteries, at least for now :)

And Air Support- whenever I use these I get Steve Earl lyrics running through my head- "My P47 is a pretty good ship, took a round coming across the channel last trip.
Thinking about my baby and lettin' her rip, always got me home so far"

I will be giving them a crack vs Kent's panzers this Wednesday, only problem is I want to practice attacking with them so we might have to do a FFA.

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