Saturday, October 2, 2010

FoW No retreat AR vs Panzer Company

By now Kent had arrived so it was his turn to slow down the Americans- using an FE II panzer company
  • 2x panzer IVs
  • 4x panzer IVs
  • 4x panzer IVs
  • 2x tigers
  • 3x panzerwerfers
  • sporadic stukas
We rolled up No Rereat so Kent would defend. He made a 3 tanks KG and deployed 2x panzer platoons and the panzerwerfers- one of the panzer platoons was in ambush.

For some reason Kent deployed his objective forward.

Turn 1: The game looked to me like it might be all over on turn 1 as everything Chris could muster was thrown forward at his objective. The dozer is the objective! Kent was forced to show his ambush and move to contest- I think he managed to bail a single sherman. This shot is actually from the start of turn 2 with the Americans closing in on the panzer.

Turn 2- more reinforcements swarm the objective. Chris, that lead half track is looking decidely shiny!

Hand bags at 5 paces! Neitehr the panzer IVs or the shermans can hit each other! The werfers managd to bail one and do some damage to the US infantry.

And from aonther angle.

Bazookas leadsing the way the US infantry start clearing houses and stalking panzers!

This is how you use smoke! Somewhere under the tempalte are two panzer IVs and 5 bazooka teams! Yikes! Those armoured mortars can be handy!

Moments later it was all over, two dead panzers and no way to contest. 5-2 to Chris (I think Kent eventually got the shermans)

Well it lasted about 4 turns longer than I thought it would.

Who needs AT when you've got lots and lots of veteran bazookas!

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