Sunday, August 22, 2010


My Alans proved to be victorious at the competition, much to my surprise. I had to defeat Mark (one of our very competent high school players) in the last round to win- at that point he had 4 wins to my 3 and if I won I might have been able to just squeak ahead of him- and so it proved as my knights ran down his auxilia to grab the win.

Game 1: 4-1 vs Lewis and his Ancient Britons
Knights vs chariots- was always going to be a one sided affair.

Game 2: 2-4 vs my nemesis Tim and his dice of doom- ah yes.
The following sums up my games vs Tim. 2-3 down with his cav general isolated and the door closed vs my knight- Tim tolled a 6, I rolled a 1 and lost my knight and the game! Typical of my luck vs Tim.

Game 3 : 1-2 Draw vs Brian Sowman & more Romans
One of the Christchurch layers who got a bit of light-hearted ribbing for fielding an ancient city rather than a BuA- it closed down one flank quite nicely and really influenced the battle as I was not keen to get to close the artillery it held. We had a great game which was very chess-like as we both sought to find a a gap to exploit. I was unable to get round his flanks while the steep hills secured his position nicely. The game was just opening up for both of us when time was called and I think it was heading towards a win for Brian as he was in better position.

Game 4: 4-1 vs Keith and his Carthaginians
A game that came down to a 50/50 attack when I threw light horse and my psiloi at his elephants and supporting light horse. The dice went my way and I killed his light horse and an elephant (psiloi with supporting light horse), then finished off the last elephant in my next turn. Truly an assault where if the dice had fallen the other way I would have been rolled up.

Game 5: 4-1 Vs Stephen Malone & his Late Imperial Romans
Stephen was probably a bit the worse for wear from organising everything as well as playing. My knights managed to roll up his cavalry and infantry who had wandered into the steppes.

Game 6: 5-0 Vs Mark Bradley and his patrician Romans
We had a knight vs knight stand off but the game went my way when I retreated a knight rather than stay in combat after having followed up in Mark's turn. His own knight had recoiled one of my knights so I dropped two stands of knights back to flank him on both sides (4-2) and doubled him in the combat. My remaining knight then ran down an auxilia supported by a psiloi and my blades another auxilia. The result flattered my army really and it looked like it was going to me much closer for most of the game.

So I managed to snatch victory off Mark by a couple of points. 6 good fun games played vs great opponents in a good lighthearted atmosphere.

I am tempted to play DBA at Conquest but I do have a title to defend in Flames of War so we'll have to see closer to the event. However, with players coming down from Wellington and Auckland it is tempting to play.



  1. Well done! Patience and the dice must change! I pity Stephen's blades and auxilia against knights! Not bad to take out two elephants against Keith!

  2. More elephant steaks in that one than I usually manage. In fact I can't remember the last time I managed to kill one let alone two "Nellies".

    Stephen has the same luck vs me at present as I seem to have vs Tim. We both laughed after he started his first turn and I asked him about his interesting deployment- he said he was hoping that I hadn't noticed- although he just had himself! I think it came down to being tired as he was pretty busy with organisation duties as well. Next year I think we'll try to sort out a way to share the burden a bit more evenly.

    Yeah, the dice finally turned, especially vs Keith) and also Stephen. But not vs Tim.