Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reorganising my Napoleonics

A busy night last night finishing off a Russian infantry battalion and rebasing all my Russian Cavalry. I had decided on a new basing system a few months ago (4 Cav figs on a 5cm wide base- 2 bases per regiment) but for Lasalle I thought I'd better go back to Kent and my original 4cm wide base- as a result I now need an extra to bring them back up to 12 figs.

So last night I managed to re-base:
  • 1x Polish Lancers
  • 1x Russian Uhlan
  • 1x Russian Cossacks (and painted final 2 figures)
  • 1x Russian Hussars
  • 1x Austrian Hussars
I also re-based my Russian artillery (8 guns) but have to finish painting those.

I've one more infantry battalion to finish and my core Russian infantry force will be done. Kent and I put 6 figs (2 ranks of 3) on each 4cm x 3cm base so we will have 24 figs per battalion.

This is the force I am aiming for:

Russian Infantry Division (Empire):
  • 6x infantry battalions (+ 6x skirmisher stands)
  • 1x light battery (4x med cannons, 1x howitzer)
  • 1x positional battery (4x heavy cannon, 1x howitzer)
Light Cavalry Brigade
  • 1x Hussar (Big- 6 stands= 18 figs)
  • 1x Uhlan (Big- 6 stands= 18 figures)
  • 1x Cossacks(4 stands- 12 figs)
  • 1x Horse battery (3 med cannon, 2x howitzers)
So it looks like I will need another 8 each of Uhlan and Hussars to make the Big Battalions. I also need a few more jagers to finish off my jager battalion which will probably be used as regular infantry when I need extra battalions when attack.

I do like the way it will be possible to simply increase the size of the force in manageable chunks by simply adding a brigade at a time (I've Grenadiers, Opolcheniye, Dragoons and Cuirassier which will eventually be increased to brigade size).

I also need a lot more artillery! This force has:
  • 7x medium cannons
  • 4x heavy cannons
  • 4x howitzers
I am a bit concerned about how easy it will be to deploy all those guns on a 6x 4 table!

Once the Russians are finished it will be time to finish my Grand Duchy of Warsaw force (unless I've moved onto another period by then!). I hope to get a few pictures done soon


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