Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Natcon was held in Wellington last weekend and had 3x Flames of War periods: Early, Mid and late war. I much prefer mid to late war so entered that. There were 16 players and as a number of us were from the south Island the draw was arranged in two groups to ensure that everybody played players that they did not usually play- which I thought was a good way to do things, even if it meant the odd one sided game.

My Rota Razvedki did very well, coming out second equal but pipped Bede on a count back to our very close game in which I burgled an improbable victory after a very intense game (being fearless saved my butt in that one as I was down to 4 infantry stands, 1x SU 122, 4x BA 64s and 2x T70s! I just got the needed last patoon to force a break test before Bede hunted down the remnants of my force!) I, like everyone else, was steam rolled in a blue vs blue game vs a Soviet tankovy with 21x valentine IIs, 10x matildas and 2x sU 152s. I could simply not stop the juggernaut and the mission we got (free for all) made for my worst nightmare- I did however contest and objective in a last ditch effort to grab (a very unlikely) victory but alas his valentines refused to die and held me at bay while the rest of his army rolled over my other units- a tough game for my force to win but I gave it my best shot.

Steve Hill's grenadier list was voted the best painted (over all 3 comps) and well deserved. We played one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long, long time and I just failed to grab a major victory (4-3 loss) in my only other loss of the comp as I could not quite finish off his last platoon to automatically break his company in the final turn of a Fighting Withdrawl- my last Armoured Transporter platoon failing to unpin ensured that my final assaults were not as effective as I intended and Steve sensibly retreated from the assault and was just above half strength. Great game though!

The Valentine/Matilda combo rolls over another army- it was played by a very, very competent player who maximised its effectiveness in all games and only dropped 2 points in the 8 games!

My own Rota Razvedki on the attack.



  1. Congratulations on your placement.

  2. Nice write up Craig. I had a heck of a lot of fun and it was good to meet you and the other boys.


  3. Cheers Elnot & Lyndon

    @ Lyndon: I see you found my carefully hidden blog.

    Hopefully you'll learn to deploy your nebelwerfers and ambush when allowed from now on- anything to win a best sports, eh?

    Hope to catch up at another comp in future

    Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend


  4. ha ha!!

    My secret plan of luring unsuspecting opponents into a false sense of security has worked!!!

    I have decided that ambushes are for pussies and smoke is not very effective. My results will confirm this decision.... hmmm maybe back to the drawing board.