Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HoTT, Beasts of War Army

I am meant to be having a doubles game of HoTT tomorrow night (or is that very HoTT?) in 28mm at TAG but only had one army of Orcs done so had a rummage round to see what I could find to make a new army.

I bought the GW minotaurs about 10 years ago and the ogres were from a mate and destined for D&D games 4 or 5 years back but decided they'd make for a great HoTT force. My theme was going to be "Behemoths" and have an army of behemoths but checking the rules you can only take 12 pts of 4pt units in a 24 pt army so the Ogres are relegated to Warband. However, if they become allies of my planned Misty Mountain Goblin horde they will be reinstated to their rightful behemoth status. Not sure what brand the Ogres are but am guessing that they are probably old GW.

All I've done is rebased the miniatures. One day I'll get round to repainting the ogres but they'll do for now.

"Boris the Behemoth" General (or possibly a hero)

2x Behemoths- and Boris stealing the limelight again

4x Ogre Warbands & 2x Fliers

I've a few old GW harpies lying around that may become the flying component instead of the bats- if I remember correctly the bats were ear marked for a HoTT goblin force I was planning years ago.

The Beasts of War assembled

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