Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DBA III/71 Anglo-Danes

I've managed to find a few more Gripping Beast Anglo-Danish figures so have completed the last two bases of Anglo-Danish Huscarls, using a mix of these and Gripping beast viking figures. So the Anglo-Danish army is now ready for action.

I've ordered miniatures to complete the Pre-Feudal Scots and Norse-Irish and once they are done it will be time for the Welsh and Normans.

Here are the huscarls (blades)

The General's element.

So that's it:
3x 4 Blades
8x 4 Spear
1x 2 Psiloi

I'm looking forward to getting them into action but think that they might be in trouble vs most of their historic opponents as they are:
  • Quick killed by the III/51 Norman knights (potentially 6-8 knights!)
  • Quick killed by the III/41 Pre-Feudal Scots warbands (luckily there should only be 3 elements of these but they are also potentially going to be outmaneuvered by the light horse and Cav general elements too).
  • Quick killed by III/19a Welsh Warband (9 elements!)
The only force they will be on reasonable footing against are the Norse-Irish (6x Aux, 4x Psiloi, 2 x blades).

Oh well, at least it should be a challenging army to use!

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