Friday, February 23, 2024

Kiwi's/British infantry for Italy

My latest little project... yet another version of British/ NZ Infantry for the Italian campaign. I wanted the infantry to be in trousers and with earlier war equipment than is on the Bolt Action LW British/Canadian infantry sprues so have combined the 8th Army and the LW boxes and mashed them up so that most infantry have trousers and rolled up shirt sleeves but a few have battle dress and a couple more still in shorts.

The two boxes mix together really well and makes for a great, very easy to do, project. 

  • 3x Sections: LMG, SMG + 7 rifles
  • 1x 9 man Royal engeinner sectrion-= making use of the figre sowth picks ot differntiate them on the table top
  • Specialist teams- Light mortar, PIAT, Sniper

Specialist teams

And what aobut the spare infantry in shoerts from the 8th Army box? They are going to be mashed up with the wepaons from both boxed sets so that some are in shorts with battle dress tops, stens etc and will be added to my British Forgotten 14th Army in Burma forces.  

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