Monday, June 5, 2023

KoW: Varangar Army

I haven't been doing aot of gamig related stuff over the past few months but finaly getting back into it and ahving some reguar games of kings of War vs Gordon. I picked up some GW Chaos Marauders off one of the NZ buy & sell sites a few weeks back and so needed to make an army to fit them round and so have built a force of the evil Varangar for Kings of War.

A range of manufacturers used:

·       GW: chaos Marauders, LOtR Rangers (Night raiders) Rohan- (Horse raiders)

·       GB Goths- with Fireforge Medieval Russian heads (Sons of Kogan) & GB Mongols as  heroes

·       Reaper bones Ogres- Snow troll primes

Ragnarrok and kkitbasehes using Victrix and Gripping Beast figures- Draugr

·       Mantic- Frostlords


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